Tuesday, October 26, 2010




Sweet of Quinoa.


6 serves

2 cups Quinoa

2 cans Evaporated milk

1 can Condensed milk

100 gr Currants

100 gr Dry shredded coconut

1 Cinnamon stick

5 Cloves

2 segment size Orange skin

6 Strawberries






Soak currants in rum until they absorb part of the alcohol.

Place the orange skin on a tray and dry in oven 50c until crisp

Blend the orange skin with the cinnamon and cloves until  a fine powder.

Add Quinoa to 5 cups of boiling water.

Cook (approx. 20 min) until the Quinoa is tender.

Strain all the liquid and refresh under cold water.

Set aside.

In a pot add the condensed and evaporated milk, cook and stir until the mix is thick enough to  see the bottom of the pot.

Add the cooked Quinoa to the mix of condensed and evaporated milk with the currants and the shredded coconut.

Serve sprinkling the orange, cinnamon and cloves powder on top and some pieces of strawberry .




Verdict:Yummy….first serve was warm….will try my next serve chilled.

Callie waited patiently but missed out.




  1. Love the way this recipe starts "Soak currants in rum .." :-)

    This sweet version looks great. (Will need to find condensed milk somewhere).

    I made a quinoa salad.

  2. Thanks Gwen.
    David & I finished the leftovers after they had been in fridge for 3 days.....so lucky we didn't have to drive anywhere :)We only had to negotiate inside stairs *chuckle*